Today’s total solar eclipse is pretty much all that anyone in Tennessee has talked about for the last week or longer. It’s kind of a big deal. We’re in a great position to see the full eclipse from first contact all the way through 4th contact. It’s something that doesn’t happen everyday.

Here at Advanced Network Solutions, we’re also a little geeky about things like total solar eclipses. So, we’re doing what any self-respecting, science-loving geeks would do. We’re having an Eclipse Party.  Don’t worry. We’re here all day long. But we might take two minutes out to watch the eclipse.  And we’ll enjoy BBQ and sweet treats.

We hope you do are planning to take time today to catch this rare phenomenon. If you’d like to learn more about it, there are some great resources at, including this super informative infographic:

Facts about the Total Solar Eclipse in Nashville, TN., 2017.